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Meet The Team

What makes a dream team? We believe it is a group of professionals who have a common goal and strive everyday to achieve it.

We have a dream team of landscape design specialists.

“Seamus and team were excellent!! Fast efficient and knowledgeable. They installed sod planted trees and re-plated others. Everything was done as agreed with no delays! Would highly recommend them to anybody and the price was very reasonable. I have had some recent awful experience with landscapers and meeting Seamus and team was a breath of fresh air - pleasure to deal with!”

Ewa Madey★★★★★ Google Review
Manager Of Landscape Construction

Seamus Mulrooney

Seamus lives and breathes landscape construction. From a young age he could be found next to his father, helping and learning the art of the build. This ignited his passion for the business and instilled knowledge well beyond his years.

Seamus has an eye for the details and knows how to turn a mediocre backyard into an incredible outdoor living space.

Master Installer

Chris Moise

As a veteran interlock installer, Chris has mastered the process and installation techniques to create walkways and patios that last a lifetime.

Never one to backdown from a challenge, he tackles any project and finds solutions for complicated installations. He is steadfast, reliable and leaves a trail of happy clients in his wake.


Colin Napior

Colin is the charmer of the team. His happy and easygoing personality creates an awesome work atmosphere and has earned him the reputation of being a favorite among clients. His dedication to quality craftsmanship and work ethic is a shining example of the what VSLC stands for. 

Director of Business Development

Mike Shelley

Mike brings both corporate and chainsaw in hand experience to the team. He understands the importance of building a strong brand through creative marketing, tried and true sales strategies and an unrivaled customer experience.

His passion and drive propel him to meet challenges head-on and deliver solutions.

Landscape Designer

Thomas Cinnamon

The ability to take someone else’s dream and turn it into reality is an incredible skill, and Tom relishes the task.

Working closely with clients, he is able to guide the process and create stunning masterpieces. A genius? We think so too.

Director of Operations

Brent Shelley

With 20 years in the landscaping industry, Brent brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to all aspects of the business. Having an exceptional eye for detail and workplace efficiencies, he keeps crews and company operations on track stretching across Eastern Ontario.

His customer-focused approach has proven itself time and again, leaving clients feeling listened to and well taken care of.

Executive Assistant

Celine van Stralen

Every team needs someone who knows exactly what is going on at any given time and keeps everything meticulously organized. Celine is that person – the office guru who holds it all together.

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